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Photo Gallery: Lydia Ladies Photo Gallery: Lydia Ladies


Look outward and be distressed, Look inward and be depressed,

Look upward and be Blessed in His rest.


Who was Lydia

A prosperous businesswomen of the city of Thyatira who became a convert to Christianity

after hearing the apostle Paul speak. Thyatira was noted for its "purple" its beautifully dyed cloth. Lydia, who lived in Philippi, sold

dyes or dyed goods from as far away as Thyatira. Already a worshiper of God, the usual designation for a Proselyte to Judaism, Lydia

believed the gospel when Paul preached in Philippi. She became the first convert to Christianity in Macedonia and, in fact, in all of Europe.

Lydia is a good example for Christians in the business world today. A devout Christian and a conscientious businesswomen, she used

her work to help further God's purpose.

Lydia Ladies
1st Lady Cynthia Hilton
Viewed 1801 times
Mama Rose, Linda
Viewed 1905 times
Mother, Miranda
Viewed 1818 times
Debra, Michael IV
Viewed 1861 times
Valentine 08
Viewed 1920 times
Navoda, Mother, 1st Lady
Viewed 2113 times
Navoda, Mother, 1st Lady
Viewed 1795 times
Navoda, Sherrlyn
Viewed 1770 times